Dave Libby


David Libby and his family have been at Grace Academy for the past nine years. During that time, David has served as a coach for the middle school girls, varsity girls, and is currently the coach for the middle school boys.  David is a pilot for Southwest Airlines and he enjoys devoting time to the sixth grade class, walking them through a program developed by Southwest Airlines called ‘adopt-a-pilot’. He has served as a board member since October of 2018.

Bev Stitely


Bev Stitely and her family have been a Grace Academy family now into the second generation. Her sons graduated from Grace and now her grandchildren attend Grace. Bev appreciates the value of the quality education in a Christian based environment. Bev has spent 30 years in the tax and accounting world and is an owner of a local based tax and accounting firm. This skill but to beneficial use on the board as she serves in the role as head of the Finance committee. Bev joined the board in June of 2021.

Eddie Sweeney


Eddie Sweeney is a 1998 alumni of Grace Academy.  He attended Grace Academy from kindergarten through 12th grade. He met his wife Diane at Grace Academy and now sends his two children there. Eddie is a part of a masonry family business that he runs alongside his father and two brothers.  Eddie has served on his church board for the last 10 years. He started on the Grace Academy board in the spring of 2019, where he took on the role of looking after and overseeing all the Grace Academy facilities.

Margaret Swacina


Johnathan Hibbert


Growing up in a Christian home, Jonathan fully dedicated his life to Christ at the age of 19.  He is now a Husband and Father of two boys.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and also a Master’s in Education from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  For the past fourteen years, Jonathan has been serving as Youth Pastor for Valley Assembly of God.  Simultaneously, he serves as a Science Educator for Washington County Public Schools.  Jonathan endeavors to live for Christ, letting his light shine and being the salt of the Earth in order to obediently serve God in winning souls for the cause of Christ.