An Exceptional Experience

Our international students are an important part of our Grace Academy family. Whether students are staying with us for a week or an entire school year, we welcome our international students into a friendly, caring and Christ-centered environment.

In the classrooms, our students from overseas can enjoy the benefit of all the academic, athletic and extracurricular activities that our domestic students enjoy. All students have the opportunity to get involved with Mission Team, the school play, choir, soccer, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. They also participate in our school retreats and class trips.

Below are a few testimonies from former students here at Grace Academy.

Being an international student wasn’t easy for me at first but through the help from the school and the teachers, I have become who I want to be. I remember when I first walked into the school, everything was different, especially for me.  I had zero English background at the time. I couldn’t even respond to people when they asked what my name was.

I started with very little confidence. I could not communicate with the teacher nor understand class instructions. However, every teacher at Grace Academy had such a beautiful personality, they will help you understand what you need to know even it takes forever to figure it out, and this is just part of it. Teachers in Grace Academy see you as a family member, not a student, they would take care of you when you are in need. My confidence starts getting bigger and bigger because I know I’m not alone, but I got a big family here.

To those international students who will attend Grace Academy in the future, I wish the best luck, and I hope as you seek to achieve your academic goal, don’t forget looking for friendship and family bonding because that’s what Grace is, a big loving family.

My name is Hao Pan, you can call me Roy. I’m from China and I’m currently a student at Michigan State University. (Go Green!)”

Please contact Brian Kelley, our International Student & Host Family Coordinator, at [email protected] or 301-733-2033 with any questions or concerns about day-to-day student activities.


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