Tuition & Fees

At Grace Academy, we offer tuition assistance and need-based scholarships to make a quality Christian education affordable for all families. If you have any questions about tuition or assistance, please contact our business manager at [email protected] or call: 301-733-2033.

Please note, below are tuition, fees, and discounts for domestic students. For international student tuition, please contact our International Student Program Director Brian Kelley at [email protected].


Application Fee

A new applicant fee of $70 per child must be included with your child’s application.

Annual Tuition

Our tuition rates are evaluated each year to ensure our tuition is competitive while remaining affordable. FACTS Tuition Management streamlines our tuition payment process. Most families pay over 12 months, July through June, but there are various options available. Further explanation and a link to FACTS may be found on our website under “Admissions.”

Lower School tuition (grades K3-5)

  • First child$8,625
  • Second child$7,791
  • Third child or more$7,367

Upper School tuition (grades 6-12)

  • First child$9,038
  • Second child$8,138
  • Third child or more$7,759

K3/K4 – 3-day tuition rates

  • First child$6,891
  • Second child$6,246
  • Third child or more$5,928

Tuition Payments

FACTS Tuition Management is how all tuition payments are collected. FACTS Tuition Management conveniently streamlines our tuition payment processing. Most families pay tuition over 12 months, July through June, but there are various options available. Once a family is accepted, we will direct them to the link to sign up.

Withdrawal & Withdrawal Fee

All withdrawals must be handled through the school office. Communication from the parents will initiate the process of withdrawal from the school. All textbooks and technological devices must be turned in and financial obligations met in order to remain in good standing. School records will not be sent to other schools until all accounts are paid in full.

Withdrawal Fee If a student withdraws from the school during the school year, the tuition charges apply only to the actual number of days the student was enrolled at Grace Academy, plus a $500 withdrawal fee. In the event of unexpected circumstances (i.e. death in the family, medical diagnosis), the withdrawal fee will be excused. Withdrawal

Registration Fee

For new and returning families, a non-refundable registration fee is required to enroll your child each academic year. The fees listed below are based per family (not per child).

  • Early Registration (thru Mar. 31)$100
  • Registration (April 1 – July 25)$150
  • Late Registration (after July 25)$225

Other Fees

  • Athletic Fees
    Varsity athlete per sport……………………..$175
    Middle School athlete per sport…………..$150

Before and After School Care

We offer a convenient before and/or after school childcare option to our families at a minimal cost. Childcare is offered from 7-7:45 a.m. and 3:30-5:30 p.m. during normal school days and is billed monthly.

  • $8 per hour ($2.00 per quarter-hour) Each additional child $6 per hour ($1.50 per quarter-hour)
  • $5 per quarter-hour after 5:30 p.m.
  • 20% discount for three or more children

Family Discounts

Listed below are the discounts we offer our families.

  • Full tuition paid by March 1 of the preceding school year = discount of $150 per child
  • Full tuition paid by July 1 of the preceding school year = discount of $75 per child
  • Families who refer a newly enrolled family will receive a $400 discount per newly enrolled family, up to an $800 discount per year. For further information contact the school. *
  • Full-time pastors/missionaries receive a 20% discount
  • Alumni families receive a 2% discount
  • Part-time students receive a discount based on their credit selection

*Call the school for more details.