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Health & Safety Plan Draft (7.6.20)

(Note:  The following is subject to change via new guidelines and data.)


The following plan is based on a “Healthy Only” framework.  This framework requires parents and employees to ensure that only healthy individuals are permitted on campus.  The school facilities will receive increased levels of cleaning and sanitizing, but there would be minimal disruption to typical classroom routines.  This framework provides the greatest level of “normalcy” but depends on students  tv Th and employees to remain at home if they display any flu-like symptoms or have been in contact with others who are symptomatic.  Violators may lose their privilege to return to campus for the duration of the pandemic.

We plan to operate an onsite program beginning August 26, 2020.  It will follow safety guidelines, including hygiene protocols and physical distancing and pending local health department approval. 


Plan Item Protocols

Physical Distancing and Minimizing Exposure

Drop Off/Dismissal

  • Only GA employees, registered volunteers and students are permitted inside the school.
  • Student drop off begins at 8:00 at designated areas.
  • Grade K3-12 parents and visitors are not permitted to enter the building during drop-off.
  • K3-Kindergarten parents, wearing masks, will be permitted to accompany their child to the classroom during the first week of school (or longer if emotionally required).
  • Elementary students will enter through the door in the west wing.
  • MS/HS students will enter through the door in the east wing.
  • Students will report directly to their classroom.
  • Students checking in after 8:20 will be dropped off in the lobby and check in at the office.
  • Face masks will be worn during arrival, dismissal and any time of movement between classrooms to avoid the potential transmission of droplets during times when physical distancing may be difficult to maintain.
  • Clear plexiglass dividers will be installed in the administrative office areas.

Check Out:

  • Parents will call the office to request their child to check out.  
  • The child will be released when the parent is visible outside the office.


  • Upon entering the classroom, students will sanitize their hands.
  • Students will be instructed not to share items with their classmates.
  • Recess schedules will be modified  so that fewer students are on the playground at a time.


  • Reminders will be displayed throughout the school (classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, etc.) for students and staff:
    • Stay 6 feet apart when possible
    • Proper and frequent handwashing
    • Information on how to stop the spread of germs will be taught to students
  • Fire Drills, tornado drills and lockdown drills will be modified to maintain proper physical distancing to the greatest extent possible.
  • Chapel services will continue to be held in the gym and/or classrooms with physical distancing in place.
  • Chapel seating will be sanitized between each chapel group.
  • Students on campus will be of the recommended CDC/local health department  guidelines.
  • Drinking fountains will not be used except to refill water bottles (touchless)

Classrooms and Facilities

  • All classrooms will be equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, wipes and paper towels
  • Common areas, including the cafeteria and common touch points will be cleaned and sanitized by janitorial staff throughout the day.
  • Evening janitorial staff will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the entire facility.
  • Classroom doors will be kept open as much as possible to allow ventilation and airflow.
  • Students will be instructed to bring their own water bottles labeled with their name.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located at optimal areas including vending machines.
  • If a case of COVID-19 appears on the campus we will close for 2-5 days to conduct a school-wide deep cleaning and will conduct distance/hybrid learning during those days.
  • Students may only touch or handle their own learning materials (e.g. textbooks, pencils, notebooks, etc.)
  • Students may not touch or use another student’s locker, backpack or any other item without first disinfecting the item.

Personal Items

  • All personal items brought to the school by a student or employee must be disinfected daily prior to being introduced to the campus.
  • No personal items may be shared e.g. clothing, backpacks, etc.)
  • Learning materials may be shared only once disinfected (tablets, textbooks, etc.)
  • All personal items must be labeled with the student’s name.

Health Screening Waiver and Agreement

  • Parents and employees must complete a waiver at the beginning of the school year with required signatures and notarization releasing GA of any liability in regards to COVID-19.
  • Parents and employees must sign a Health Screening Agreement that they will neither send a student nor enter the campus themselves if they are exhibiting any of the symptoms listed here:
  • It is recommended that any person who has traveled out of the country during the school year self-quarantine for no less than 48 hours in their home with no symptom appearing prior to returning to school.
  • Any student that exhibits a fever of 100+ degrees will be held in the isolated sick room and parents will be notified to pick up their child to be transported home.  Employees will be directed to leave campus immediately.
  • If a student/staff presents any possible COVID-19 symptoms, staff will complete the assessment and notify parents/staff to be sent home.
  • If a student/staff has a negative COVID-19 test, they can return to school once there is no fever without the use of fever-reducing medicines and they have felt well for 24 hours and must provide a doctor’s note.
  • In order for a student/staff who tested positive for COVID-19 to be allowed to return to campus they must be able to answer ‘YES’ o the following questions:
    • Has it been at least 10 days since the individual first had symptoms?
    • Has it been at least 3 days since the individual had a fever (without using fever-reducing medicine)?
    • Has it been at least 3 days since the individual’s symptoms have improved including cough and/or shortness for breath.
  • Absences due to Health Screening restrictions will not be counted as school day absences.
  • Daily temperature checks may be administered to each student and staff.
  • Guardians will be required to complete a COVID checklist for each child daily

Distance Learning


In order to ensure a smooth transition at any time in the future that the school may need to shift from campus-based to home-based instruction (due to either a case of COVID-19 being identified on the campus and thus, triggering a deep clean of the campus for several days or a future Stay-At-Home order by local or state authorities), all teachers will be proficient in the use of the following online tools:

  • LMS – Google Classroom: This Learning Management System (LMS) will be utilized for posting all assignments and communications regarding  assignments (Grades 3-12).
  • SeeSaw:  This LMS will be utilized for posting assignments and communication for grades K3-2.
  • SIS – FACTS/RenWeb:  This Student Information System (SIS) will host all grade book information.


  • In the elementary school, we are increasing the number of computer carts/devices available for use by teachers and students, along with a protocol for continual surface cleaning.
  • In the case of distance learning, devices will be made available for any elementary student who needs one.  
  • Middle and high school students are in a 1:1 device program.  They will be issued a device that is theirs to use for the school year.
  • Any shared equipment will be maintained with a protocol of surface cleaning between every use.
  • School buses and vans will be disinfected after each use.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and used by each student prior to boarding.
  • When available, larger vehicles will be used to accommodate a larger number of students and allow for physical distancing to the greatest extent possible.
  • Sports teams will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the bus/van after each athletic event.


  • GA will comply with all guidelines provided by the CDC, Maryland Department of Health, Local Health Department and Maryland Department of Education.
  • If interscholastic sports are not permitted, GA will explore the development of a robust intramural program
  • It is strongly recommended that athletes, coaches, staff and participants wear a cloth face covering when not actively engaged in physical activity or when they may be near other people (less than 6 feet).
  • Pre-Work Screening:
    • All coaches and students must be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to each workout.  Screening includes a temperature check.
    • Responses to screening questions for each person must be recorded and stored so that there is a record of everyone present in case a student develops COVID-19.
    • Any person with positive symptoms reported will not be allowed to take parts in workouts and must immediately contact his/her primary care provider or other appropriate health care professional.
  • There must be no shared athletic equipment (towels, clothing, shoes or sports-specific equipment) between students.
  • Students must wear their own appropriate work out clothing (do not share clothing).
  • Individual clothing/towels must be washed and cleaned after every workout/game.
  • All athletic equipment, including balls, must be cleaned after each use and prior to the next workout/game.
  • Individual drills requiring the use of athletic equipment are permissible, but the equipment must be cleaned prior to use by the next individual.
Teacher Professional Development Expectations

  • SafeSchools training in the following areas:
    • Coronavirus Awareness
    • Coronavirus-cleaning and Disinfecting
    • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure
    • School Safety
    • Additional SafeSchools as deemed necessary

Distance/Hybrid Learning expectations and training

FACTS training

Using GoogleClassroom/SeeSaw Platforms for educational purposes

Other Before and After care students will enter the front of the building.  Rooms, equipment and resources will be disinfected between sessions.