Teacher Coaching in the Classroom and Technology Integration is KEY in technology progression at Grace Academy!

Grace Academy implements the unique “Teacher coaching” model within the classroom environment which allows teachers to receive on-going training while the students are learning at the same time. This model has greatly advanced student and teacher knowledge as well as confidence in knowing how to use and integrate technology within the classroom efficiently.

Starting 2016-2017:

  • Implementing a 1:1 Program for MS/HS students in which students will be issued Office 365 accounts and a laptop for a $15 a month additional fee.  Students will utilizing Google Classroom, One Note and other pieces of software as part of their educational experience.
  • Offering new STEAM (Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Arts and Math) classes starting in MS to compliment these new devices.
  • All students will additionally have Google Apps accounts.
  • A set of Chromebooks will be allocated for the elementary hallway.

We are emphasizing the following within our technology program:

  • Every grade level K4 – 12th has an interactive whiteboard/projector which is transforming learning in our school.
  • Ipads are utilized in the elementary wing for classroom projects, individualization and differentiation.
  • Integrating the Senteo Response Clicker Systems and tablets paired with the interactive Smartboards allows teachers to offer differentiated instruction within the classroom, meeting all learners’ needs.
  • Incorporating laptops, Chromebooks and iPads into the flipped classroom model of instruction.
  • Providing resources like BrainPop, BrainPop Jr., SIRS, and Worldbook Online to enhance the curriculum within K3 – 12th grade. Providing computer training to elementary students through weekly classes that emphasize Technology Standards to create 21st century learners.
  • Incorporating Blended Schools into the curriculum at Grace Academy in high school. Students are taking online distance learning classes and teachers are using this resource for additional supplemental resources to integrate into their curriculum lessons. These online courses allow for students to take classes of greater variety. All high school students need to take an online course to graduate.
  • Providing a safe environment for internet searching through a filtering program, allowing for our students to be protected from inappropriate information on the internet. Digital Citizenship and Cybersecurity is taught from an early age.
  • Allowing students in grades 6-12 to have their personal Google Apps account for collaboration within classes and paperless submission to teachers. Integrating Google Classroom within our MS/ HS has allowed for further creativity and collaboration.
  • Learning how to make screencast activities within the classroom.
  • Communicating with parents through Sycamore Education to provide access to grades and other classroom announcements and links.
  • Offering Lego Robotics Leagues after school for Grades 1-4 once a week. Students use the WeDo and Mindstorm Lego Robotics software to program their lego robots.
  • Offering “Revving Up Our Readers” is an afterschool program using Lexia: Strategies for Students Reading decoding software program to assist readers who need an additional push on phonics. The program is offered 5 days a week after school.
  • Offering programming software for 8th graders called SCRATCH to help build problem solving skills and thinking out of the box.
  • Building a Cybersecurity Club in MS and HS