Middle School

Students in grades 6-8 enjoy the benefits of a program designed for their specific academic, spiritual and social needs. In middle school, students are held to a high standard of academic and social behaviors with biblical integration. The Word of God is the foundation and context for all learning as students experience a well-rounded education that nurtures their souls, their minds and their bodies as they mature and become “conformed to the image of Christ” (Romans 8:29).

With Scripture as our guide, we partner with parents to help students grow spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally. Our caring teachers seek to cultivate intelligent behavior with critical thinking, organizational and social skills in each student. During this time of physical change and heightened social awareness, we strive to create a safe and nurturing experience where each student learns the immeasurable blessings of God’s grace and the value of being an important member of the Grace Academy family.

Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in choir and orchestra, in addition to core academic courses. Through our one-to-one technology initiative, each middle school student will lease a laptop from the school for in-class and at-home use during the academic year. Additionally, all middle school students participate in an annual Outdoors Retreat in the spring to give further opportunity for personal spiritual development, team-building and hands-on outdoors activities.

High School

In grades 9-12, Grace Academy seeks to best prepare its students for taking advantage of college and career opportunities after graduation. Our caring teachers challenge students academically by using a variety of teaching methods to meet individual learning needs, so students can achieve academic, spiritual and social success. All curriculum is taught from a Christian, Biblical worldview. We also emphasize on the importance of individualized training in addition to the integration of technology in the classroom through our one-to-one technology program. Each high school student will lease a laptop from the school for in-class and at-home use during the academic year.

We offer honors courses and choir in addition to core academic courses. Through Hagerstown Community College’s Essence Program, we offer juniors and seniors dual enrollment classes that accumulate both high school and college credits simultaneously. Many classes offered through Essence are taught in-house, so students can still enjoy being a part of the Grace Academy community.

Grace Academy is accredited by the state of Maryland and adheres to all local and state requirements. Grace Academy credits are transferable to other private schools as well as state public schools. We are accredited through Mid-States and the Association of Christian Schools International and is a certified site to accept and enroll F-1 nonimmigrant students.

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