December Head of School Letter

December is the month many of our children and families look forward to celebrating the birth of Christ and spending time with families and friends.  It can also be a time of much stress and worry because our culture has turned this precious holiday into a month of shopping, baking, decorating, attending Christmas functions, travel,  etc. Let’s not forget the purpose for celebrating Christmas. If it were not for the birth if Christ we would not have hope of eternal life, the crucifixion and resurrection would have never been foretold.  Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!


We have several events I would like to highlight and welcome you to attend.  Three Thursdays in December we will be having wonderful school events. December 6 is our Middle/High School concert at 6:00. Please come and support the hard work of our students and staff as they present a wonderful and talented group of singers. December 13 is our Upper Elementary concert and play at 6:00.  Come out and enjoy the Christmas spirit and support our students as they glorify Jesus in their songs and actions.


During our concert events we will be collecting a special Christmas offering for our teachers and support staff.  All donations collected go directly (100%) as a gift to our teachers and staff to help supplement their Christmas finances.  As you know we are unable to pay our teachers and staff the amount they could earn in a public school. Our staff work many hours beyond the school day and we love to be able to say “thank you” to them with a small token of appreciation with this Christmas gift.  


December 20 will be our Christian Soldiers Club program at 2:15.  This will be a wonderful time as we celebrate Christmas with the pre-kindergarten through Grade 5 students.  Our children memorize scripture, sing, and present various recitations. You will enjoy this event. If you are unable to attend we do provide a live broadcast through Grace Academy Facebook live.


Several weeks ago we challenged our Grace community to help us with our fall giving campaign.  We are hoping to raise $85,000 this year to replace the aging HVAC system in the middle/high wing.  Our fall campaign is to raise $25,000 towards this project. I am glad to report we are at 92% of our goal but there are many more folks who could be giving.  Please pray and ask God if there is something you feel he would want you to give towards this campaign. Over the next few weeks I would love to report we have exceeded our goal and we are well on our way to the $50,000 plateau.  If you have contributions please mail them or stop by the school. Another way to give is to visit the new Grace webpage and in the donation button use Kindful to make a contribution.  You will see a button to select the Fall Giving HVAC campaign.  


Last I would like to introduce two new members of our Grace team.  Todd Ullery is our new Athletic Director.  Todd has many years of experience as an AD and is a Certified Master Athletic Administrator.  Mr. Smoot is dedicating more time to his Dean of Student duties so we are fortunate to have Todd join our staff.  If you see Todd, introduce yourself and welcome him to Grace.


After many months of searching for the right fit to hire an Institutional Development Coordinator, we have selected Tamara Black to head up our fundraising/development  activities. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and has experience doing fundraising at the Christian school level.  Tamara may be asking for your help in a variety of activities. Please don’t run from her….we NEED all on board. It may be assisting with a golf tournament, Race for Education, Day of Giving, or other fundraising activities.  Please help Tamara with your expertise. We do not want to focus on small activities such as candle or pizza sales. These are nice activities but a lot of work for little profit. Tamara has a heart for Grace and has two boys attending our school.  Please introduce yourself and volunteer to help her in any way you can.


Merry Christmas Grace Academy students, teachers, staff, administration, parents, grandparents, guardians, alumni, and anyone who considers Grace their home.  We love you and hope this season is filled with God’s blessing.